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Additional Information

If you are looking for information, this is the place to be!


By _ItsNimnom_

We have a discord server. Discord is a combination of skype and teamspeak. If you want to have a nice talk with staff, other players or want to look and chat with players on the server, join the discord now. In case you got banned from our server, you can make a ban appeal on our discord server. when you click here you can get yourself the link to it!

Or you can enter the link manually in your browser!


You need some more ingame money? Why wouldn't you vote for our server? You get some cash and you also got a chance of winning more!

Here are our 3 votelinks!  


- _ItsNimnom_
- Supersnel11
- BatOLeary
- Melted_Ice
- Berghen 
- Ganaio
- Camstonisland
- Saucy_llama

Server information

The server is hosted in the Netherlands and runs 24/7.

The server started on the 18th of July 2016 (18/07/2016).