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I thought this was clear but apparently it isn't. Giving out creative items is not allowed, likewise selling items from your creative inventory is also not allowed. As it was not clearly stated in the creative rules we will not punish you for it, however if it happens in the future we will. Make sure you read the #creative-rules as many people did not do that (yet).


All crates are currently disabled.


We as the Defined-Rails staff would like to keep improving the server. For that we created a channel called #polls on discord, so you as player can help improve the server :). Make sure to check it out now and then!
Content of the #polls will only be visible in our discord.


Because of an error in our system all ingame balances on the flenix ATM's have been reset. Luckily we still have a file that shows us what your balance was, please send me a DM or use the contact form on the website if you want your balance refunded, reply before 17-02-2019. After we will not refund anymore. Also tell us the balance you had, so we can check it.
Because of this error it is unsafe to use flenix money, please sell all the cash you have left as soon as possible or transfer any existing money on your account to the standard balance. You can sell the flenix money at banks or using /sell hand (while holding the cash).


We are saying farewell to an awesome staff member of our staff team. Due to a lack of time he can't manage to be a server admin anymore, we thank him a lot for the effort he put in the server. Goodbye admin and friend supersnel11.


The server is back online after some maintenance on the internet. The livemap and the voting system are also working again! We are sorry that it did not work before.


We are still experiencing trouble with the livemap and the voting system. We will give you an update when there is a chance to fix it, but for now these services stay down. The server is online like it shoud.
You can try using the journeymap mod (already installed in the modpack) to have a look at the map.


You have one more week to use your keys acquired at the event, before the crate gets removed.


Happy new year!


Merry christmas everyone!
We still have the parkour open and the sale running!


We gave out a special happy holidays coupon code to be used on our webstore, but now we also made a special happy holidays parkour! You can go there by typing '/warp event' or using our fast travel pressure plates at spawn! The parkour will be closed at 01-01-2019 11:59 PM CET. When you finish the parkour you get a special event crate key, redeem it at spawn!
Good luck in the dark and hot shelters!


Christmas and new year are coming, bringing a special coupon code to be used on our webshop. Use the coupon "Holidays" on checkout to get 35% off your basket, this offer expires 01-01-2019 11:59 PM CET.
Happy holidays from all Defined-Rails staff members! 


We have a major hardware maintenance planned tommorow (18-12-2018) at 4pm (16:00) CET. We don't know how long the server will be down for, but we will keep you updated!


The #creative-rules (on discord) are now visible on the website! Click here to check it out.


 The Defined-Rails black friday sale has started! All ranks are 20% off. This offer is valid until monday 26-11-2018.


The announcements we make in our discord will also be published on the website from now on!


If you change your ingame name, we do NOT replace machines or help you with inaccessible claims.
It is your own responsibility.


If we find anyone using creative energy cubes we will instantly ban the person. There is no chance of unbanning, sorry! So remove them as soon as possible. We will do checks now and then to find out if there are any. You have been warned!


It appears the energy cube system is a little bit bugged. We wish to ban the creative cube, unfortunately all energy cubes get banned if we do that. We have decided not to ban the energy cubes. However, using the creative energy cube is punishable. Remove it as soon as possible not to risk losing any ranks or fearing a (temp)ban. Thanks for your attention. For all rules regarding creative check out #creative-rules (on discord). Thanks for your attention!


I just pushed an update through. Traincraft is now updated to v018.


The website is now updated and has a new design. Make sure to check it out!


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