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We have a major hardware maintenance planned tommorow (18-12-2018) at 4pm (16:00) CET. We don't know how long the server will be down for, but we will keep you updated!


The #creative-rules (on discord) are now visible on the website! Click here to check it out


 The Defined-Rails black friday sale has started! All ranks are 20% off. This offer is valid until monday 26-11-2018.


The announcements we make in our discord will also be published on the website from now on!


If you change your ingame name, we do NOT replace machines or help you with inaccessible claims.
It is your own responsibility.


If we find anyone using creative energy cubes we will instantly ban the person. There is no chance of unbanning, sorry! So remove them as soon as possible. We will do checks now and then to find out if there are any. You have been warned!


It appears the energy cube system is a little bit bugged. We wish to ban the creative cube, unfortunately all energy cubes get banned if we do that. We have decided not to ban the energy cubes. However, using the creative energy cube is punishable. Remove it as soon as possible not to risk losing any ranks or fearing a (temp)ban. Thanks for your attention. For all rules regarding creative check out #creative-rules (on discord). Thanks for your attention!


I just pushed an update through. Traincraft is now updated to v018.


The website is now updated and has a new design. Make sure to check it out!


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