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By _ItsNimnom_


Discord is a combination of skype and teamspeak. If you want to have a nice talk with staff, other players or want to look and chat with players on the server, join the discord now. In case you got banned from our server, you can make a ban appeal on our discord server. Click here for the link!
Or you can enter the link manually in your browser!


1] Do not grief!
2] Do not steal!
3] Do not ask for stuff or for a trade with staff members!
4] Staff is always right!
5] Respect staff!
6] Do not swear!
7] Do not ask for staff ranks, because you have to earn them!
8] Always keep every switch facing the mainline, and dont mess with them!
9] Do not leave trains on the lines, park them at yards instead!
10] To own an empire, you need the RR-Manager rank!
11] You may only get a town marked on the livemap as a town-owner when you have at least 5 citizens.
12] Buildings MUST be 350 blocks away from the lines!
13] No floating stuff!
14] You may not cut into the terrain, if that turns out into something ugly!
15] Nothing will be refunded, when you get griefed! Just claim your land!
16] Please don't let a nuclear reactor explode!
17] It is NOT allowed to dupe a train! If it accidently happens, you NEED to throw them into lava!
18] Respect other players
20] If you lost your train due to a crash, contact staff. They will refund it for you!
21] Mind your language, there are also small children that play Defined-Rails!
Rules can change without further notice. Make sure to take a look at the rules now and then.


You need some more ingame money? Why wouldn't you vote for our server? You get some cash and you also got a chance of winning more!
Here are our 3 votelinks:


- _ItsNimnom_


- Supersnel11
- Camstonisland
- Saucy_llama


- Minecartkid1805 
- Berghen 



The server is hosted in the Netherlands and runs 24/7.
The server was created on the 18th of July 2016 (18/07/2016).

Created by NimnomWorks - Copyright © 2018 Defined-Rails