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Don't worry, it's easy!

Welcome to the explanation on how to join Defined-Rails using the Curse launcher. Here are some simple steps, how this will work for you!
  1. To start off, you are gonna need to download the Curse launcher from the official Curse website! Click here for the link!
  2. Install the Curse launcher, and login using your minecraft account.
  3. Now head to minecraft on the Curse launcher and click on 'Browse All Modpacks'. In the Search box, type: "Defined-Rails".
  4. Now click on the Defined-Rails modpack (By hooft99)!
  5. On the top left corner you can click on install, When this is finished, a button called 'play' appears, Click on it!
  6. A Minecraft Launcher will pop-up. Click on play, this will load up your game!
  7. Once your game started, head to multiplayer, and join the server!
  8. Happy minecrafting!

You can also play the youtube video given below. This is a step by step toturial. (It starts from step 3!)

Technic launcher

You can follow our technic launcher tutorial by clicking on the button below!

Minecraft launcher

Click below for the normal minecraft launcher tutorial.

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